Our games are part of a history and a culture, they deserve to be preserved and displayed in the best possible way


Get to know our grading methodology.

Our evaluation method is safe, impartial, mathematical and objective. Based on the 10 years of experience we have in the audit market.


Video game lovers & audit specialists

As long-time collectors, we decided to use our knowledge of auditing to found a company that serves other collectors as they deserve.


Design and security are priority.

Our games deserve an attractive and beautiful look, that's why we develop slim, clean and safe cases.

With a precise and safe process, which aims at the quality and safety of grading, treating each graded game individually and impartially.

We deliver your games in a beautiful acrylic case, where it will be protected, valued over time, and of course, beautifully displayed on your shelves.

We believe that our dreams and best memories of our childhood should be eternalized, in the best way, with quality and safety, so that one day your grandchildren and great-grandchildren can have access to this piece of history.

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